This BLOG contains a few thoughts of mine on matters mostly relating to migrating, living in a foreign culture and language, identity, mental health and, more specifically, all of that HERE in BCN, CAT & ESP.

In case you’re wondering, my name is Peter Zelaskowski. I’m British, a psychotherapist and lecturer and although I mostly still feel young, the fact is I’ve been around the block a few times. That’s not to say I’m any more qualified than anybody else to hold views and opinions worth having.

Nonetheless, in Barcelona, this great exciting cosmopolitan hive of a city, I’ve worked with many many varied and interesting people over the years as their therapist, people from well over 30 different countries, people who’ve taught me a thing or two, people for whom I have great admiration, above all for their courage and intelligence at facing up to their struggles. Also, I’ve been deeply privileged to be involved in the training of hundreds of art therapists and dance movement therapists, mostly from Latin America and Spain but many other places too. Any evidence of learning displayed in this blog should be attributed to my clients and my students, who’ve all taught me so much…and still do.

Although I’m British – I started my life in Birmingham – my background is varied. My father is a Polish exile, who came through the Soviet gulag and the second world war, and my mother was an economic migrant from the heart of republican Belfast. My wife is Spanish and my children trilingual.

PLEASE add comments, thoughts, experiences about anything related.  I really hope to generate dialogue and conversation.

For information on my practice and work, visit my website: www.groupworks.info

If you would like to read (by downloading) some of my writing on psychotherapy you can find it HERE.

THANKS for the visit.

8 thoughts on “¡Bienvenid@!

  1. Well done Peter, I have been meaning to start a blog and never do it, I feel we all have something to say and there are people out there interested in our experiences. I will follow you and read your blog.

  2. I’ve been reading round the blog and found it very poignant… as another mid-life person, who has lived abroad and in other languages, but never migrated…. Reading on this sad Brexit day.

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